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One green-fingered dad of two has spent a decade transforming his bog-standard back garden behind his family home into a tranquil Japanese paradise, complete with a koi pond

This unassuming family house has an incredible garden – a beautiful secret paradise that took a decade to build.

Dad-of-two Martin Fitton has spent hundreds of hours in his Bristol back garden, slaving away through winter to create the dream space.

Photos from the 90s show the vast transformation that has taken place – with the garden then mainly taken up by a climbing frame for his children – Rhys, 28 and Vanessa, 25.

Martin said: “When I first looked into the Japanese style, I learned there’s a lot more you can do in terms of creativity – so not just a shed, lawn and flowers.

“I could add to it forever whereas with an English one I feel like you can just put flowers in and that’s sort of it.”