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Winning the lottery is a dream many of us might have as it would be incredible to not have to worry about money for the rest of our lives.

But is it really as amazing as we might think it would be – and would we truly be happy?!

The answer is yes, according to a single mum who was lucky enough to win just under £14 million on the Lotto a few years ago.

However, it seems there can be a few downsides to coming into that much money.

This is what we’ve learned after the woman anonymously took to Mumsnet to answer questions about winning the lottery – including the first thing she purchased, how she won and whether she has any regrets.

She wrote: “I won the lottery a few years ago, ask me anything…”

The post was quickly flooded with comments, with many keen to know whether she had picked her winning numbers or played a lucky dip.

The mum claims she won on a lucky dip paper ticket and before that day she had been playing the lottery “fairly regularly” for over a decade.

She goes on to say that she’s not usually a lucky person and that she believes it really is “luck of the draw”.

So how did she realise she had won and what was her reaction to finding out? Pretty much what you’d expect, though she didn’t quit her job on the spot, throw a party or announce it to the world.

She explains: “I think I checked my ticket a few days after winning, it was during work because I heard the numbers on the radio and they sounded like the ones on my lucky dip.

“I then checked online and nearly fell out of my chair!

“Had to compose myself as still had a full day of work left. Didn’t even call the lotto office until I got home after work.”

After this she says she told her son the good news and they both went out for a nice dinner to celebrate

Two months later she quit her job and she says it’s been everything she’d hoped it would be and more.

Though, she acknowledges that winning wasn’t completely straightforward and there was a lot of complicated admin to deal with after the shock had worn off.

“Had to open a private bank account, hire financial advisors and accountants,” she explained. “There is no tax on the amount you win, only interest gained.”

But thankfully the National Lottery people were “very supportive” throughout the entire process.

Her first purchase after winning was a Mulberry handbag she’d always wanted – and she now claims to own 50 of them.

She admits that initially she was a little reckless with the money, buying designer clothing and household items as well as several holiday homes (which she rents out) but has since returned to her “baseline of spending” and has the majority of the winnings left.

But the best thing she’s bought so far? Her house.

“My biggest dream was buying a home. We grew up in a council house and I always rented. I know it’s not a big thing but it was always my dream, I regularly surfed rightmove looking for my dream home.”

“It’s changed my life for the better,” she told fellow Mumsnet users – but has it changed her as a person?

“I don’t think it has, I used to be so much more frugal but I’m not as tight as I used to be. You might have to ask my friends though, maybe it has changed me and I’m just unaware.”

While she’s been living happily as a millionaire, she reveals that winning has cost her relationships with certain family members and friends.

The mum says she wishes she had never told anyone other than her son about the winnings as it brought out some people’s “greedy” side.

“The only thing I would have changed was not telling anyone,” she wrote.

“I’ve lost contact with some friends but mostly family members. I do not for one second regret winning, I just wish my family members weren’t so greedy and entitled.

“I would have happily helped many of them with their mortgages and getting them on the property ladder but the way some of them thought I owed them a living was crazy.”

She adds that she regularly donates money to charities and instead of giving chunks of money away to people she purchases nice gifts for loved ones.

And while she no longer has a need for a full-time career, she doesn’t just sit around at home doing nothing all day.

Instead she uses her time to do volunteer work three to four days a week so as not to “die of boredom”.

But perhaps the most interesting tidbit of all? She confesses that she still continues to play the lottery – if the jackpot is over £100m.