Smart Broken

News for nerds

The questions
1 In 1605, who claimed his name was John Johnson?
2 What marsupial produces cube-shaped droppings?
3 Which country’s leader died in battle in April?
4 What type of star is our sun?
5 Which girls’ name means “little bear”?
6 What are the three theological virtues?
7 Who was the first female athlete to earn more than $100,000 in a year?
8 A gnomon is part of what device?
What links:
9 Janus; Worzel Gummidge; Adélie; two in a pack; Toxicodendron radicans?
10 Camel; Fal; Fowey; Par; Pol?
11 O (65%); C (18.5%); H (9.5%); N (3.2%); Ca (1.5%)?
12 Shirley Temple; Roy Rogers; Arnold Palmer?
13 Die Verwandlung; Der Prozess; Das Schloss?
14 Episodic; semantic; procedural; sensory; short-term?
15 God Save The Queen; My Country, ’Tis Of Thee; High On The Young Rhine?

The answers
1 Guy Fawkes (when arrested in parliament).
2 Wombat.
3 Chad (President Idriss Déby).
4 Yellow dwarf (G2V star).
5 Ursula.
6 Faith, hope and charity.
7 Billie Jean King (1971).
8 Sundial (bit that casts a shadow).
9 Batman villains: Two-Face (God); Scarecrow; Penguin; Joker; Poison Ivy.
10 Cornish rivers.
11 Chemical composition of human body (percent mass): oxygen; carbon; hydrogen; nitrogen; calcium.
12 Gave names to non-alcoholic drinks.
13 Franz Kafka works (original German titles): The Metamorphosis; The Trial; The Castle.
14 Types of memory.
15 Share a tune: UK national anthem; US song; Liechtenstein anthem.