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A woman says she took revenge on her cheating boyfriend by ditching him at the airport before holidaying with the ‘other woman.’

The dynamic duo reportedly cooked up the plan to lure him to Turkey after discovering that he had been two-timing the pair for eight months.

Moments after arriving, the pair mutually dumped their shared lover and waltzed off to enjoy the sights of Istanbul.

Kristen Bishop said she first learnt something was wrong at the end of March, after Sophie Miller, 26 got in touch to reveal she was also dating her boyfriend* Adam, 34, and had been for their entire eight-month relationship.

Naturally, she refused to believe it, but Sophie, 26, reportedly confirmed it by video-calling her while inside Adam’s apartment.

In a bid to get their own back, they planned to confront him in Turkey, where Kristen was set to travel with Adam to Instanbul for eight days.

The audacious stunt saw Kristen reveal she knew about the affair just moments after landing on Turkish soil on April 2nd.

Moments later, technical sales manager Sophie appeared – and the pair dumped the cheating Casanova at arrivals, leaving him flabbergasted.

Engineer Kristen, from Houston, in Texas, US, said: “I found out about him cheating about four days prior to the trip.

“[Sophie and I] honestly had a phenomenal time. From the moment we met, we instantly connected, over an unfortunate circumstance.

“We became friends quite quickly after we met up. We had lots of time to get to know each other and develop the friendship that came out of it.

“We really bonded over the eight-day trip and it’s by far the happiest thing out of this unfortunate situation, that I found a great friend.

“There was some shock when it first came about. Any person is going to take some time to process and learn [from this].

“Sophie and I are strong people, with strong morals, and we’re taking this as a lesson learned.

“A girls’ trip is infinitely better than trying to travel alone to a foreign country.

“As soon as she offered to join me, I was 100 per cent on board. I said ‘this is the start of something great. Let’s do it’.”

Kristen met Adam on Hinge in August 2020 and although the pair planned a holiday together to Turkey, after becoming exclusive.

The couple had planned three days admiring the hot air balloons in Cappadocia, before returning to Istanbul to enjoy the bazaars.

But just four days before the 12-hour flight, Kristen received a voicemail out of the blue from Sophie, sharing the truth.

Kristen said: “Shortly before departing on our trip, I learned that he was not [just] with me and there was another girl who had been in the mix since we met up.

“She contacted me and left me a voicemail and that’s how I found out.

“She left me a short voicemail, to the point, that basically said ‘hey, I’ve just learned about you. I’ve been dating this person for nine months and I thought you’d like to know about me. Give me a call if you have any questions’.

“After the initial shock, I gave her a call and we chatted for a bit.

“It was clear very quickly that she was telling the truth and we needed to talk some more to get to the bottom of what was happening.

“He met her on the same dating app about one month before he contacted me. He reached out to both of us initially on the app.

“At first, getting the phone call was a bit shocking and [I was] in disbelief.

“Sophie was a really good team player about it and at the time I made first contact with her, I was asking questions and she said ‘I’m at his house now if you’d like to see’.

“I said ‘no, no, he’s out of town this weekend’, because that’s what I believed to be true. She Facetimed me to show me where she was.

“We decided to get together the next day to piece together what was happening and figure out the real truth.”

The following day, the pair met up and discussed their relationships, before planning to confront Adam.

A couple of hours later, Sophie had booked on the trip and the pair were planning how to tell Adam he’d been caught out.

Kristen said: “At that point, because it was so close to the trip, we couldn’t cancel anything fully, so I decided to take the trip anyway and confront him upon arrival in Turkey.

“From the moment that Sophie and I met, we connected very well. It was obvious she had a good heart, she was a good person, and I was thankful she was coming to me, to tell me what was going on.

“She was very supportive. I was supportive of her. She decided to leave the relationship, which is a difficult decision to make.

“I told her I was going to be travelling solo to Turkey. I’m not afraid to travel alone, it’s something I’ve done before. But she offered to join me so I wouldn’t have to be alone.

“Once Sophie offered to come on the trip, she booked the tickets a couple of hours later.

“Sophie planned to come in on a different flight than we did. We didn’t want to have him see her on the way there.

“She arrived a couple of hours before we did. She was already waiting at the airport when we arrived.

“We planned not to talk to each other after we got on the plane. I told her I’d see her in Istanbul and we’d touch base as soon as we landed.

“Once I was at the airport, I had a message from her saying ‘here’s where I’m going to be sitting’. We touched base in the women’s bathroom for a quick moment.

“We said ‘hey, I’m here. Here’s what I’m wearing where you can find me’. We had a spot picked out where I was going to confront him.”

In the terminal, Kristen says she confronted her boyfriend, revealing all of his reservations had been changed to Sophie’s name – and demanded he never contact the pair again.

Kristen said: “I showed him some photos. One was a photo of me and Sophie, after we met up on that first night.

“At which point I said ‘please do not contact me again. You have no reservations in Turkey’.

“He asked if he could explain and I showed him some additional photos that Sophie had provided me, which proved that while I believed he was in one location, he was actually with her in another location.

“His reaction was pretty stunned. He had never been speechless before, until that moment. There were several circumstances like that.

“It was very firm and I would not be convinced to change our mind on this. I knew the details and it was final.

“I told him not to contact me again or follow me out of the airport. At which point I turned around, waved over to Sophie and she walked up.

“His jaw dropped when he saw her. She reiterated my message, we turned around and walked away together.

“There was not much commentary on his part. He had already attempted to paint her in a negative light prior to that.

“He had tried to say they’d been broken up. I knew that wasn’t truthful. There wasn’t much opportunity for him to respond.”

After leaving Adam at the airport, newly single Sophie and Kristen went to a hammam, cruised the Bosphorus River and explored caves.

They did end up meeting Adam once again though – after ending up sitting behind him on the flight home.

Kristen said: “He ended up being on our flight home. Other than that, we have not heard from him.

“There was a very short-lived attempt to mention something, but we weren’t interested.

“We were actually sitting behind him on the flight back. That’s a 13-hour flight.

“We just sat there chatting, giggling and enjoying the flight, and he heard every word.”

Now Kristen is sharing the warning signs so other women don’t fall victim to cheats.

She said: “From my perspective, the warning signs were [he was] not willing to integrate or engage.

“If they can only meet up on one day of the week or aren’t willing to commit to a plan or activity, I think the total lack of communication on those times when he was away is definitely a big sign.

“When he said he was away for the night, he would mix and match. Typically it was ‘I have to work’. Sometimes it would be ‘I’m going hunting with the boys’.

“He was very inflexible. He tried to control the way everything went, on which days we’d get together and where we would go.

“Always trust your gut, know your worth and empower other women.”

Adam was contacted for comment.

*Not the ex-boyfriend’s real name.