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As Brits bask in scorching 30C weather, there’s one thing we should remember – to wear suncream (besides drinking water).

A good suncream blocks the skin from dangerous UV rays that lead to fine lines, pigmentations and an increased risk of skin cancer – which is why so many people have implemented it into their daily skincare routine.

But one woman has gone viral on TikTok for the unique way she applies her suncream – and people can’t stop watching.

Maren Reed, a licensed esthetician and self-proclaimed sunscreen queen, regularly shares her skincare tips and tricks on TikTok where she’s known as @marentreed, but it’s her method of applying suncream that’s got everyone talking.

In the clip, which has since been viewed more than five million times on the social media app, Maren can be seen squirting a generous amount of SPF into her hands before applying it to her face.

With so much product to rub in, her entire face is completely covered, making it appear like she has a face mask on.

And there’s so much that she even has to rub the excess product down her forearms and onto her hands.

“I look crazy right now,” she says as she continues to blend the SPF into her skin.

When she’s finished she adds: “Okay, we are all rubbed out! Good morning everyone. I hope you wear your SPF today!”

Since being posted, the video has racked up more than 870,000 likes and more than 14,000 comments from people who were stunned by the amount she used.

One person asked: “Are we supposed to use that much guys?”

Another added: “That answers why your skin is so beautiful.”

Whilst a third put: “I just know you feel sticky after or slightly slimy.”

“That much would break me out so bad,” said someone else.

And one viewer joked: “For anyone that isn’t wearing SPF already, [original poster] is actually 94!! #plasticsurgeonshateher.”