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We might spend several minutes a day brushing and flossing our teeth, but aside from that most of us probably don’t spend too much time thinking about them.

But for one woman named Alicia, teeth have become a huge talking point in her life after she experienced severe tooth decay during pregnancy and subsequently lost her teeth.

Alicia, 36, has since gotten snap-in dentures and has been sharing her experience with them on social media, under the name Princess Glitter Head.

The mum-of-four from the US has racked up over one million followers on TikTok and often posts videos where she removes her dentures and compares what she looks like with them and without them.

In some clips she also shows people her process of getting ready for the day, with a full face of make-up, hair extensions, fake teeth and false eyelashes.

Many people have praised Alicia for being so open and honest with her journey, telling her how beautiful she is, but sadly some weren’t so kind in the comments of her videos.

A few were stunned by her transformation, calling her a “catfish” and saying it should be “illegal”.

Another wrote: “Absolute witchcraft.”

Someone else proclaimed: “To me, that’s a false advertisement.”

Alicia has since decided to own the label of ‘catfish’ and has been proudly using the hashtag Toothless TikTok Catfish on her posts.

She’s also hit back at trolls who criticise her appearance, saying: “I’m a happily married mom of 15 years with four kids and I wear make-up for ME.

“I’m also a make-up artist with the same rights as anyone else to wear it.”

Others have also stood up for her in the comments, with someone saying: “GIRL!!! Killing it! This was fantastic.”

Another asked: “Why people being mean, she is beautiful before and after, it’s not about looks anyways, looks fade, personality doesn’t.”

A different user added: “YASSS honey!!! Keep doing you!!”