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England players will be taking a knee before matches at Euro 2020 to show their opposition to racism – a decision that is unpopular with some supporters. There were jeers when players kneeled before their recent friendlies against Austria and Romania at the Riverside Stadium, and there are fears the dispute will rumble on when they meet Croatia in their opening game of Euro 2020 at Wembley on Sunday.

The England manager, Gareth Southgate, has explained in an open letter to fans why England players will be taking a knee. “This idea that some players don’t know what it means to play for England – or don’t care – has become something of a false narrative,” the England manager wrote. “I have a responsibility to the wider community to use my voice, and so do the players. It’s their duty to continue to interact with the public on matters such as equality, inclusivity and racial injustice, while using the power of their voices to help put debates on the table, raise awareness and educate.”

We’d like to hear what you think of this letter and the gesture in general. We’re especially interested in hearing from BAME England fans about these issues. Have you had the same struggle with supporting England that older generations have had?